All online casino malaysia will look the same to every casual observer of the buildings. They wouldn’t find a difference even between the land-based and online casinos except for the most fundamental features that set them in distinct zones. Same is the case with video poker and slots. To those eyes, these are mere machines that suck in money and pays out some when a few buttons are hit. On the other hand, if you are a frequent visitor to casinos, or have been to a casino at some point of time will know that video poker and slots are two different games. The latter is the beast that garners the highest revenue in the gambling industry. Both these games are akin only in the aspect of being casino games that have a video screen for all the action. Everything that goes on within those screens completely different. Here are a few differences between video poker and slots that you will start experiencing when you play them.


1. Your Decisions

Slot machines are all about inserting money into them and pressing the buttons to wait for luck to favour you. A certain percentage of the money you place is paid back at the end as winnings if the symbols fill the payline. Short term results on the machine will have more of an outcome but cannot form a close relation between your chances to win and lose. On the other hand, when you are playing video poker, you have to decide on the cards you want to hold and discard once all the cards have been dealt. Your chances to win can be improved or degraded with this decision of yours.

2. Winning

No casino game guarantees you success in the long run, and it is improbable for you to emerge winning. Only a certain amount of the money you wagered will be paid back to you since the games have been programmed to do so. However, if you find the right game of Deuces Wild on video poker, you can have a positive expected return by using the deuce as a wild. This game is the most popular one for having a positive expectation; you can also find other games in casinos that can give you an impressive amount as payout in the long run. Applying perfect strategies is the only way to get to this successful point in the game, which is quite difficult for an average gambler. Slot machines can surely have no positive expectation games like in video poker.

3. Variants of Games

slot machine

Slot machines may seem to have hundreds of variations, which is, indeed, not true because you are only playing the same game with a different theme when you are on a new machine. Since most of these games are getting extravagant by the day, you are sure to be allured by the lights and fun. However, video poker has actual game variations that will vary slightly in decision making and strategies.

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